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Organizations on Asian-Americans

  • is an online organization dedicated to the education of communities, institutions and general public on Asian Americans.

    Contact: 510-848-1656.
  • Asian American Net

    Asian American Net is a website dedicated serve Asian Americans communities through the promotion of the different cultures and providing educators with the resources to build up the knowledge of the public. It provides a list of sources and organizations to contact.

  • Asian-Nation

    Asian-Nation is a website is a resource and “sociological exploration” on the history, politics, demographics and culture of Asian Americans. Contact through the website.

    Contact: 510-848-1656.
  • Center for Educational Telecommunications

    The Center for Educational Telecommunications is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study, research and publication of information on Asian Americans in the U.S.

    Contact: 510-848-1656.
  • Association for Asian American Studies

    The Association for Asian American Studies promotes the education and better understanding of Asian Americans and the subcomponents within their communities.

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