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  • Arab Voices

    Arab Voices is a radio talk show on Houston’s KPFT station. It broadcasts live weekly, covering issues and current events in the Arab world.

  • is an internet resource site for world religions. It describes itself as “the ambitious venture-capital-backed multifaith “supersite” on religion, spirituality and morality.” It is headquartered in Norfolk, Va. Contact through the website.

  • National Paralegal College: Freedom of Religion and the Establishment Clause

    The National Paralegal College’s website has a page about the Establishment Clause of the Constitution; it includes several examples of situations in which Establishment Clause debates might arise.

  • Religion Resources

    Religion Resources is a directory of Internet resources for all major religions. Contact Stan Taylor, director.

  • American Baptist Churches USA

    American Baptist Churches USA is an organization that encourages its members to dedicate themselves to church-planting, evangelizing communities and spreading the word of God.

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