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  • National Museum of American Jewish History

    The National Museum of American Jewish History, on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, presents educational programs and experiences that preserve, explore and celebrate the history of Jews in America. Its purpose is to connect Jews more closely to their heritage and to inspire in people of all backgrounds a greater appreciation for the diversity of the American Jewish experience and the freedoms to which Americans aspire. Contact Yael Eytan or Ilana Blumenthal.

  • Material History of American Religion Project

    The Material History of American Religion Project was a Lilly-funded program, based at Vanderbilt University, that ran from 1995-2001. The program produced a series of papers and books on the topic of believers and money, and it still maintains a useful website with links to programs and participants. James Hudnut-Beumler was director.

  • Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches

    The Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches is published annually by the National Council of Churches in the USA and contains detailed financial data from most denominations. The data is self-reported.  The Rev. Eileen W. Lindner is deputy general secretary for research and planning at the NCC and editor of the Yearbook of American & Canadian Churches.

  • Resources for American Christianity

    Resources for American Christianity is a website funded by the Lilly Endowment that “seeks to assist leaders and participants in Christian communities, scholars and other interested publics in better understanding the impact, trends and trajectories of Christianity in American society.” Under the “Economics” category, the site has a series of excellent studies, papers and experts. They are under sub-headings that include: Church Finances, Giving, Materialism, Stewardship, Wealth and Work.

  • is an online organization dedicated to the education of communities, institutions and general public on Asian Americans.

    Contact: 510-848-1656.

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