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  • National Marriage Week USA

    The National Marriage Week USA website brings together the many activities that organizations throughout the country, including churches and houses of worship, are doing to strengthen marriage during National Marriage Week USA, Feb. 7-14 each year.

  • Jewish Prisoner Services

    Jewish Prisoner Services serves Jewish inmates before, during and after incarceration.

  • Inner City Muslim Action Network

    The Inner City Muslim Action Network is a small nonprofit serving Chicago’s South Side and Southwest communities. Prisoner re-entry is among its programs.

  • InnerChange Freedom Initiative

    Prison Fellowship’s InnerChange Freedom Initiative is a Christian religious program meant to help prisoners make the transition back to freedom. InnerChange starts working with them behind bars and organizes support and volunteers from local churches to help them upon their release.

    Contact: 800-206-9764.
  • Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign

    The Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign connects reporters with re-entry programs and is particularly interested in helping shine a spotlight on faith-based prisoner release efforts around the country. The campaign is run by Outreach Extensions and funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Contact Sally Turner, re-entry project director.

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