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Methodists tackle human sexuality issues — again

The United Methodist Church will wrestle once more at its General Conference with the question of homosexuality. Will there be an accord? Will there be schism? Or will the issue return in another four years, as it has for the last four decades?

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  • Justice For All

    Justice For All is a victims’ rights and criminal justice organization that focuses on reducing and prosecuting homicide cases based in Houston. The organization maintains Pro-Death Penalty, a resource site that lists information about victims, and

  • Faith Trust Institute

    Faith Trust Institute works to educate different types of faith communities about domestic and sexual violence. Marie Fortune is its founder and senior analyst. It is sponsoring the National Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to Address Violence Against Women, a petition that has attracted almost 2,000 signatories from the spectrum of religious faiths. Contact executive director Kathryn Jans.

  • ONE International

    ONE International is an international grassroots organization that aims to reduce poverty and preventable disease in Africa and globally. Contact U.S. media manager Ari Goldberg.

  • Oxfam International

    Oxfam International is a confederation of 17 different organizations that work in 90 countries to reduce poverty worldwide. They work in the political arena, in emergency relief and in grassroots community development projects. Contact Matt Grainger, head of media relations.

  • The Center for Sexuality and Religion

    The Center for Sexuality and Religion was organized to assist religious institutions and groups in providing healthy and responsible sexuality education in the context of religious and theological study. It is based in Wayne, Pa. William R. Stayton is executive director.

    Contact: 610-995-0341.

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