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    Christianity is the largest religion in the United States and the most widespread religion throughout the world. It is predominant in the Western World and Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as in South Korea, the Philippines and among smaller communities worldwide. Even within the U.S., there is a great deal of Christian diversity, from strict fundamentalists to liberal […]

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  • Creation Justice Ministries

    Creation Justice Ministries (formerly the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program) works in cooperation with national bodies of Protestant denominations, Orthodox communions, regional faith groups and congregants to protect and restore God’s creation.

  • Calvary Lutheran Church

    Calvary Lutheran Church in Federal Way, Wash. sponsors Lenten studies focused on the environment. Calvary’s “Caretakers of Creation” program includes a study of J. Matthew Sleeth’s book Serve God, Save the Planet (Chelsea Green and Zondervan, 2006).

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is a Christian denomination composed of nearly 10,000 congregations and about 4 million members.

  • International Society of Bible Collectors

    The International Society of Bible Collectors offers a list of Bible collections and museums.

  • Thomas Nelson

    The evangelical Christian publishing giant Thomas Nelson, a leading publisher of the KJV and owner of the New King James translation, has developed products, resources and events in celebration of the 400th KJV anniversary. Nelson also published Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible by David Teems.

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