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  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

    The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship started in the 1940s as a group that provided support to conscientious objectors to World War II and continue to speak out against war. Rick Ufford-Chase is the executive director.

  • Korean Emerging Ministries Office

    The Korean Emerging Ministries Office is part of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. It works to increase the population of Korean American Presbyterians. The Rev. Dr. Sun Bai Kim is the association for Korean Ministries.

  • Truth in Action Ministries

    Truth in Action Ministries is the Florida-based church and Christian media network founded by D. James Kennedy, a prominent conservative Christian activist. Truth in Action has a number of programs aimed at registering Christian voters and encouraging them to vote for candidates who share their values.

    Contact: 800-988-7884.
  • That All May Freely Serve

    That All May Freely Serve is a progressive group within the PCUSA which lobbies for a Presbyterian Church that is inclusive fully inclusive. Contact Ray Bagnuolo.

  • More Light Presbyterians

    More Light Presbyterians is a progressive group of individuals and congregations within the PCUSA which describes itself as “a network of people seeking the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA).” Contact interim executive director Patrick Evans.

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