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Organizations on South Africa

  • Gamaliel Foundation

    The Gamaliel Foundation describes itself as a nonpartisan, faith-based organizing network of 72 affiliates in 26 U.S. states and five provinces of South Africa. The foundation is a leading advocacy group for comprehensive immigration reform.

  • Jews for Judaism

    Jews for Judaism is an international organization that aims to help Jews strengthen their heritage and counter attempts to convert Jews to other religions. It has branches in several cities, including Baltimore and Los Angeles.

  • World Journalism Education Council

    Informal coalition of academic associations involved in university-level journalism and mass communication. Organizations from six continents participate with a focus on universal issues in the field.

  • Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)

    Network of nonprofit investigative journalism organizations that conduct training, produce stories, provide resources and encourage the creation of similar nonprofit groups.

  • Free Press Unlimited

    Supports access to reliable news and information, especially in countries that struggle with press freedom issues. Works with local journalists, media organizations and media pioneers.

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