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Organizations on East Asia

  • Journal of Global Buddhism

    The Journal of Global Buddhism is an online scholarly academic journal. Charles S. Prebish is its editor emeritus.

  • Buddhistdoor

    Buddhistdoor is an online site published by the Tung Lin Kok Yuen charitable foundation. It provides information about Buddhist teaching and the impact of Buddhist culture on the global community.

  • The Alliance (C&MA)

    Based in Colorado Springs, Colo. Claims membership of over 4 million people in 13,609 churches in 81 countries and territories including more than 2,000 churches in the United States. Contact Rev. William (Bill) W. Malick, director of church multiplication ministries.

  • Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

    The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is the only museum in the Western Hemisphere with a gallery devoted to Sikh art. Contact the director of public relations.

  • Taiwan Association for Religious Studies

    The Taiwan Association for Religious Studies is the first religious association in Taiwan. It was established on April 18, 1999, by a group of scholars and academics. The association researches mainstream and folk religions in Taiwan and publishes monthly newsletters.

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