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  • Basic Buddhism Guide

    Read the Basic Buddhism Guide posted by BuddhaNet, the website of the Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc., based in Australia. BuddhaNet is an effort to create a nonprofit, online “cyber sangha” of people committed to the Buddha’s teachings and lifestyle — an effort to combine an ancient tradition with the information superhighway.

  • BuddhaZine

    BuddhaZine is an online magazine associated with BuddhaNet. It provides Buddhist teachings, news, art and a variety of other current and interactive features relating to Buddhism.

  • Jews for Judaism

    Jews for Judaism is an international organization that aims to help Jews strengthen their heritage and counter attempts to convert Jews to other religions. It has branches in several cities, including Baltimore and Los Angeles.

  • The Wandering Jew

    The Wandering Jew, part of Ontario Travel Bureau, is an agency that books more than 50 Passover events, including Seder cruises.

  • Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation

    Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation is a Taiwanese international humanitarian NGO with a branch in the U.S. that delivers medical aid, disaster relief and environmental support programs.

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