Reporting on Sikhism

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Cover image for Sikhism: A Reporter's GuideThere are more than 25 million Sikhs around the world, which makes Sikhi (also known as Sikhism) the fifth-largest major world religion. Yet the Sikh tradition remains largely unknown to the global community – no other religion of its magnitude is as misunderstood as Sikhi.

The Sikh religion has been underrepresented and misrepresented in the popular media, and these problems have contributed to the serious challenges that Sikhs experience today, including negative stereotypes, discriminatory policies, and violent hate crimes. 

This guide aims to provide reporters with basic information on the Sikh tradition and to help facilitate accurate coverage on Sikhs and Sikhi. 


Author Information & Acknowledgements


Author: Simran Jeet Singh

Content Editors: Jasleen Bawa, Mark Reading-Smith, and Jagmeet Singh

Series Copy Editor: Mary Gladstone

Project Coordinator: Andrew J. Martin

Design Editor: Katie Shull, Shull Design

Design Consultant: Satjeet Kaur

ReligionLink Editor: Kimberly Winston

Sikhism: A Reporter’s Guide is a collaboration between the Religion News Foundation and the Sikh Coalition. I am grateful to my colleagues at the Sikh Coalition for helping to produce the text, especially Jasleen Bawa, Satjeet Kaur, Mark Reading-Smith, and Jagmeet Singh. Thanks also to Mary Gladstone, Katie Shull, Heather Tearney, and Andrew Martin, and Thomas L. Gallagher for their roles in bringing this work together.