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Californians for Caste Equality Coalition

Californians for Caste Equity Coalition is an interfaith, intercaste advocacy organizations that came together to support the passage of the “anti-caste” Sb-403 bill in California in 2023, seeking to end what they say was caste discrimination in the state. Contact through website: https://www.califorcasteequity.org/contact

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Kezevino Aram

Kezevino (Vinu) Aram serves as a Co-Moderator and Executive Committee Member of Religions for Peace. She previously served as Member of the International Youth Committee of Religions for Peace. Aram is a Child Health Practitioner and Director of Shanti Ashram in Coimbatore, India.

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Bhakti Mamtora

Bhakti Mamtora is a scholar of Hinduism and South Asian Religions in the Department of Religious Studies and Classics at the University of Arizona.

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Caleb Simmons

Caleb Simmons is the Executive Director of Arizona Online, Professor of Religious Studies, and Faculty Director of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. He specializes in religion in South Asia, especially Hinduism, and digital and online learning.

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Sakalam.org provides a list of temples in the U.S., with pictures and contact information.

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