Muslim Communities Association in Southern Florida

The Muslim Communities Association in Southern Florida is the largest mosque in southern Florida. It was founded by Arab and Pakistani immigrants and today has worshippers from Iran, Turkey, Bosnia, Africa and South America. The organization supports Muslim communities and helps develop education and social outreach programs for them in the community. Abdul Hamid Samra is […]

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“Turkey: Women Want Equality in the Mosque”

According to a 2011 Deutsche Welle story, “‘Turkey: Women Want Equality in the Mosque,’ Turkey’s Diyanet, or Presidency of Religious Affairs, wants to encourage women to visit mosques and allow them to take part in Friday prayers beside the men. The institution, which presides over the country’s nearly 80,000 mosques, is hoping to change Islam’s […]

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Metin Cosgel

Metin Cosgel is professor of economics and department head at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. His research interests include the economic history of the Ottoman Empire and the political economy of religion. He co-wrote the papers “Religious Identity and Consumption” and “Rationality, Integrity, and Religious Behavior.”

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