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  • ChurchMedia.Net

    ChurchMedia.Net is a community for those working in religious electronic media. Participants on message boards discuss a host of topics, from which songs to broadcast for Easter to which microphones work best.

  • Technologies for Worship Magazine

    Technologies for Worship Magazine, based in Ontario, Canada, covers the industry, from AV systems and video production to music, media and ministry.

  • Philo journal

    Philo journal is published by the Society of Humanist Philosophers twice a year. It examines different issues from a naturalist perspective.

  • The Humanist

    The Humanist magazine is published by the American Humanist Association. It applies the humanist perspective to a wide range of topics.

    Contact: 202-238-9088.
  • Freethought Today

    Freethought Today newspaper is put out 10 times a year by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It is the only freethought newspaper in North America.

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